Exit Lights – Emergency Lights






Exit Lights - Emergency Lights

As per OSHA Standards, 29 CFR and California Code of Regulations, Title 8, businesses or public places such as schools, hospital or churches are required by the federal, state and local jurisdictions to install, maintain and service exit and emergency lighting. Appropriate testing and maintenance help keep these equipment in good operational condition and compliant with public safety requirements.

With California being prone to earthquake and natural disasters, this equipment could save lives by leading the public to safety.

Our trained technicians will inspect, test and install your exit signs and emergency lights in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and ensure that they meet the codes and regulations.

Our inspection and testing procedure includes:

  • A minimum 30 second monthly functional test for all battery-powered emergency lighting system.
  • 90-minute annual test to verify that the equipment remain functional during the test.
  • Inspect the batteries, bulbs and wiring to ensure the integrity of the exit & emergency lighting equipment.
  • Provide written records of visual the inspection and test.
  • Verify compliance with NFPA 101 Standard , OSHA guidelines and California Codes of Regulations (Title 8 CCR § 3216).

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