Fire Pump Service




Fire Pump Service

Fire pumps are often required when the city or public water supply lacks the adequate pressure needed to operate properly the firefighting apparatus or systems such as fire sprinklers and fire hydrants. They also can be used to pump water from water storage, tanks, wells, ponds or lakes to the fire sprinkler systems when the city or public water is not available.

Fire pumps are expensive equipment and costly to repair. Protect your investment by maintaining your fire pump in good operational condition and free from defects.

Local and state regulations require fire pumps owners to perform weekly runs and to have a qualified contractor inspect and test them on annual basis. The fire pumps must meet their rated specifications and all test results with graphic representation are documented and provided to the owners.

California Code of Regulations Title-19 mandates that the fire pumps be tested  and NFPA 25 is the standard for inspecting, testing and maintenance of fire pumps. NFPA 20 is the standard for the installation of stationary pumps for fire protections.

Spectrum Fire Protection technicians are adequately trained to provide fire pump service in accordance with NFPA 25.

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