Fire Suppression Systems

fire suppression systems

kitchen hood fire suppression system

Industrial Spray Booth Fire Suppression Systems

fire suppression systems



Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression systems can be engineered or pre-engineered depending on the purpose for which they are being used. Most engineered systems are designed to protect highly expensive properties that can be damaged by conventional suppression systems. Clean agent and CO2 systems are examples of engineered systems. Clean Agent systems are installed in computer and network rooms and buildings with high tech electronics and equipment. CO2 systems are installed in industrial facilities or large engine rooms such as the ones in cruise ships.

Pre-engineered systems such as the wet chemical fire suppression systems are mainly used in commercial kitchens in restaurants and catering facilities. The dry chemical suppression systems are mostly used in small industrial applications such as open and closed spray booths, open tank and storage areas where highly flammable liquids such as paints are stored.

Commonly Used Engineered Fire Suppression Systems and Applications

  • Foam
  • FM-200
  • CO2

Commonly Used Pre-engineered Fire Suppression Systems

  • Commercial Kitchen Systems – Wet Chemical
  • Spray Booth - Dry Chemical

Spectrum Fire Protection is specializes in the installation, service and maintenance of the wet and dry chemical systems. Our technicians are trained to meet the specific requirements to inspect and certify most brands and models.

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